Englivio is one of the most interactive and advanced platform to learn English online. Founded in 2019 , Englivio has been at the cutting edge of language learning  and has helped many students worldwide from basic to advanced level. Englivio is backed by a team of proficient instructors, coordinators and technical panel creating a fundamentally better way to learn English. As educationalists, we have been committed to innovation in language acquisition and have carefully developed the very best online English courses.
We invite you to have result oriented lessons with us.

Why Us?

We put you first. No one else can match the choices and expertise we have. Our focus is on your success and we can guide you there.

Proficient Instructors

Englivio offers proficient male and female
English langauge instructors who have been 
trained to upskill you in the entire compass
of language.

Modest Pricing

We offer English lessons at a very modest
fees structure so that students may find it

easy to learn English without thinking of fees 
which are to be paid profusely.

Flexible Scheduling

Unlike of majority of schools, we offer our langauge classes round the clock which makes it easier for students to improve thier 
english at a schedule that suits them the best.

Learning Materials

Englivio provides a free access to unlimited 
learning materials and resources designed
to make students achieve thier desired 
learning goals.

Digital Assessment

Englivio has a unique Digital Formative 
Assessment system which enables the 
institute to carry out a detailed evalution
of students whilst putting them on fast 
lane of progress.


Complete you course with us and get a 

How Englivio Works?


Englivio offers virtual classes that students can atten from home or a library, coffee shop or anywhere else that has an Internet connection. Our teachers work remotely and have a structured curriculum for their online students to follow.
Students can enroll themselves in our courses by filling out the registration form on our site. Thereupon, our learning facillitator reach them out to schedule their classes.  Englivio uses various apps including Microsoft Team, Skype and Zoom to deliver the lectures. Each student is given unique login details so as to have an access to the E-class room. During the lesson, instructor shares his screen so that whatever it is being taught, students may be able to watch it on thier screens as well. Our instructors use latest presentation tools to enhance the overall quality of the sessions. We invite you to have result oriented sessions from our proficient and experienced instructors at a schedule that suits you the best.

Age range of students

Most of the students enrolled in our English courses are age 12 – 25, and many of these are undergraduates or recent graduates aiming to improve their English for their university courses or professional careers. More mature students are ofcourse always welcome too. We also have a significant number of gap-year students, focusing on improving their English before rejoining university. People from different professional backgrounds – doctors, engineers, lawyers, accountants as well as housewives are also most welcome.


Jaser Bari Khan

Spoken English

"I have to say that I really love Englivio! I am improving my English speaking skills super fast, the online classes are very interesting, and the flexibility I have is great!"

Richa Jagdesh

Basic English

"My study is going very well and my teacher is best. Studying with Englivio is fun and progressive"

Rimsha Khan

Spoken English

"My experience with Englivio is going great, got help from different instructors .I'm very satisfied using my time to learn with them and yes I do recommend them highly."

Hassan Sohail

Business English

"Great teachers, comprehensive learning materials, and I have seen a huge improvement in my younger brother in just a couple of months of regular lessons."

Haris Mehboob

Advanced English

"Having a great experience with Englivio.Sir Rafi has executed my classes strategically. Have seen a prominent difference in my communication with only 3 weeks of practice so far.I would highly recommend this platform."

M. Qureshi

Advanced English

"Well structured outline .

Teachers are very helpful and cooperative."