Basic English


Course Description:

The English language is made up of several different speech elements and our basic English grammar course will help you understand these elements clearly. You will learn how to conjugate the past and the present tenses of verbs so you can form sentences correctly. You will also be able to identify the key differences between similar English language tenses. With these lessons, the basic English rules of grammar will become crystal clear. 
Punctuation and pronunciation plays a big part in the English language, so we have included some our basic English grammar exercises covering the most important punctuation and pronunciation rules. With proper practice here, you will be able to use them easily. You will also learn how to construct a sentence so as to deliver your message . The sentence structure in the English language may sound complicated at first but rest assured that you will be able to follow this course easily and finish it with flying colors! 
This basic English grammar course will be perfect to English language students anywhere in the world who want to improve their understanding of English grammar. It is also be very helpful for native English speakers who want to refresh their knowledge of the English grammar rules. So take advantage of this basic English grammar online course and start improving your English from today! 


Course Objective:

To improve students’ vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and  reading skills through live lesons and  in-class learning activities.

Course Schedule:

30 minutes class on a schedule of Monday to Friday at a time that suits the student best.

Course Duration:

4 months


Fees Structure:

For Pakistani Students:
Rs 5,500 per month

For USA students:    

$35 per month

For UK students:
£25 per month


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