(Idioms, Phrasal verbs and Vocabulary)


Course Description:
In this course, you will learn English high frequency words which we often read in books or listen while watching TV be it movies or news. Not just that, you will learn the target English idioms and phrasal verbs at a deep level, so that you can sound more native-like when you speak English. With this course, you will start to speak or write with more creativity and variety by upgrading your stock of words and idioms.

Course Objective:

The course objective is clear- increase your vocabulary by almost 3,000 words, targeted idioms and phrases plus learn how to assimilate new words by learning to read in context. Be able to understand and use the words in a written sentence or in general conversation. Establish a pattern of committing interesting words to memory and feel more comfortable using the new words.

Course Schedule:

30 minutes class on a schedule of Monday to Friday at a time that suits the student best.

Course Duration:

2 months


Fees Structure:

For Pakistani Students:
Rs 5,500 per month

For USA students:    

$35 per month

For UK students:
£25 per month



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