Advanced English

Course Description:

The Advanced English Course Level is focused on developing your fluency and accuracy abilities, and help you reach a level of competence that will allow you to interact with a variety of more challenging, sophisticated current topics. 


Course Objective:

  1. Communicate effectively in most daily practical and social situations at both concrete and abstract levels.
  2. Participate in formal and informal conversations involving problem-solving and decision-making.
  3. Speak on familiar concrete topics at a descriptive level and present a detailed analysis or comparison.
  4. Participate in conversations with confidence.
  5. Demonstrate an increased ability to respond appropriately to the formality level of social interaction.
  6. Understand more complex indirect questions about a personal experience, familiar topics, and general knowledge.
  7. Follow main ideas, keywords, and important details in an authentic 2-3 page text on a familiar and partially predictable topic.
  8. Read in English for information, to learn the language, and to develop reading skills. Also, begin to read very simple adult fiction.
  9. Write coherent paragraphs on familiar topics with clear main ideas and some supporting details. Develop a sense of audience.
  10. Demonstrate mostly satisfactory control over complex structures, spelling, and mechanics.
  11. Use and understand an expanded inventory of concrete and common idiomatic language.

Course Schedule:

30 minutes class on a schedule of Monday to Friday at a time that suits the student best.

Course Duration:

4 months


Fees Structure:

For Pakistani Students:
Rs 6,400 per month

For USA students:    

$40 per month

For UK students:
£29 per month


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